Every time you attend a lecture or a presentation that is educational (as far as New Orleans tour guiding is concerned) be sure you get documentation for it.  1 hour = 1 credit.  A minimum of 15 credits is required for you to earn a pin/bar.  For you first year you get a pin to keep and treasure.  The second year you get a 2 year bar to hang on the pin, the third year a 3 year and so on.  The bars must be turned in when the next bar is received (recycling, you know!).

As for the programs that qualify, obviously watching THE LOST RESTAURANTS OF NEW ORLEANS on WYES doesn't count, but any educational lecture or presentation from places like FOC, SOC, Louisiana Historical Society, Louisiana Landmarks Society, Hermann-Grima, HNOC - all of that - as well as attending TGAGNOI meetings, seminars, trips, etc.  Simple and FUN!

Download and print the CEP Form here - all of the instructions are on it.



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