It has been brought to our attention that if you want insurance for 2023, the deadline is Dec. 9th. We have no control over this as it comes from the National Federation of Tourists Guides Associations (NAFTA) who provides our insurance.

Come to find out, it has always been the deadline but they used to be able to allow quite a bit of leeway - this year there is no grace period.

What this means to us is that you have to renew your membership by Dec. 9th, 2023 if you want the insurance.

Naturally, this makes things very tough, especially this time of year, but we have been given no option.

Visit the JOIN US page to renew your membership.

If you do not wish to be insured you don't need to renew now. To be included in the membership directory the deadline is February 28, 2023.  For your convenience, a personalized renewal form was mailed on November 15.  

~ For those with questions regarding the insurance CLICK HERE


~ Last November you approved your new Bylaws.  They will printed in the upcoming Directory and you will also find them by clicking here

~ Your Board Members can be reached via telephone or you can email them.  (See the Member Directory for phone numbers and email addresses.)

~ If you have any questions regarding City regulations or guidelines, the Taxicab Bureau phone number is (504) 658-7176.