Membership Levels

  • Full $60 For those who hold a valid New Orleans Tour Guide permit.

  • Full + Insurance $100  The deadline for 2024 insurance was 12/1/23.  General liability group policy for Tour Guides working as independent contractors. This does not cover tour operators. For details click here.  

  • Associate $40  For individuals who do not hold a valid tour guide permit who a interested in or associated with tourism.  Associate Members enjoy most benefits of membership but do not have voting privileges and are not eligible to hold elected or appointed officer positions.

  • Corporate Membership $100  For organizations in the tourism and hospitality industry. Corporate members have two memberships in TGAGNOI.

1.  FORM

Renewing Members:  Please return your renewal form with your personalized 2023 directory listing that was mailed on October 30. You'll see a spot to mark that it's all correct or note changes/corrections.  

New Members:  Download & complete the membership form below.  Either scan and email or mail to


In your email, let us know how you will be paying – with a credit card using the link below or if you will be mailing a check to TGAGNO, PO Box 56505, New Orleans, LA 70156

3.  TOUR GUIDE LICENSE (full members)  

Attach a photo of your current tour guide license to your email or mail it with your check.

Click below for to download a new Full/Associate membership form.  

2024 NEW member form full and assoc.pdf

Click below for to download a new Corporate membership form.   

2024 TGAGNO New Corporate form.pdf



Full Membership



Full plus Insurance

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