Work is coming back for TGAGNOI 

Corporate Members 

Jill DiMarco (TGAGNOI Corp. member, Signature DMC) prepares DynaGro Conventioneers for an evening of cocktails and ghost stories with TGAGNOI members Maria-Kay Chetta, Tara Schroeder and Julie Cornwell.

Accent-DMC took Agriculturalists on a very long bus ride out to SW Louisiana to learn about the rice and crawfish industries.


The Commodity Classic Tour view a rice mill on their Rice-Crawfish Tour at LSU AgCenter.

 Kitty plays with a couple of Crawfish (or is it the other way around?) at the Crawfish Farm on the tour.

Accent-DMC and MC&A as they bring work to their fellow members.

Barbara Robichaux (L) Kelly Schellang (MC&A) and Jill Kaplan (R) at the Roosevelt Hotel preparing for their Gaden District/Uptown City Tour.

 Milton Carr (L) Don Downs (C) and Randy Bibb (R) at the Higgins Hotel gearing up for a day of tours for ACCENT DMC