Professional Tourist Guide Code of Ethics & Standards

- A professional tourist guide provides a skilled, knowledgeable presentation; informs, interprets and highlights the surroundings; maintains objectivity and enthusiasm in a courteous and polite manner.


- A professional tourist guide ensures that all information presented is factual, and makes a clear distinction between what is true and what are stories, legends, and opinions.

- A professional tourist guide keeps current on changes throughout the area he or she works, including but not limited to seasonal events, new exhibits, traffic laws and facilities, and follows the rules and regulations at all sites where tours will be conducted.

- A professional tourist guide is prepared for each tour when the itinerary is furnished in advance; reports on time and is responsible for facilitating the smooth, safe, efficient and timely movement of the tour.

- A professional tourist guide is sensitive to the interests and values of the tour group and does not share his or her personal views on controversial subjects such as religion, politics, or lifestyles.

- A professional tourist guide knows and follows the policies of the company that contracts him or her and does not solicit a job from that company's client without the consent of the company; maintains loyalty to the company and protects the confidentiality of proprietary information.  Also, he or she strives to establish a friendly and helpful rapport with the client, and uses discretion in the conduct of the personal business while on tour.

- A professional tourist guide dresses appropriately for the type of tour being conducted.

- A professional tourist guide extends professional respect and a spirit of cooperation to fellow guides, and strives to establish a good working relationship with all service providers on the tour route.

- A professional tourist guide accepts each tour as a serious commitment and cancels only when absolutely necessary, providing as much advance notice as possible.