It's Time For Nominations. 


Your Nominating Committee is up and running!  Now it's up to you!


Our past President, Barbara Robichaux, said it best when she said "It's not what you get out of an organization, it's what you put into it." TGAGNOI cannot continue to exist as a passive organization where members expect the Board to create activities (the Seminar, Day Trips, etc.) for us all to sit and enjoy. The work actually falls to all of us. Through the years there has been criticism that TGAGNOI should be doing this or that and many of our members agree that we should be moving in a forward direction.


From the Organization’s beginning, those who have served on our Board have put an enormous amount of work toward making TGAGNOI the best that it can be. They all deserve our gratitude and respect for what they've given. However, an organization's Board cannot accomplish it alone; it needs the support and participation of its members. We all have to step to the plate and get involved. 

Please review the Bylaws in the back of your Membership Directory where you will find the job descriptions for each Board member. 

Among the things we are looking for are:


1.) As the President will be representing The Tour Guide Association of Greater New Orleans, Inc.,    

        (s)he must have a well-rounded knowledge of the inner workings of all aspects of New Orleans                  Tourism.

     2.) People who are Tech Savvy enough to use modern communication technology to its fullest extent.

               3.) Someone who can set up a system of accepting credit cards for online payment of Membership                      Dues, Event Registration, and so forth. (This is one of our biggest handicaps and it needs to                       be corrected in order for TGAGNOI to continue to move forward.

             4.) People to encourage a participatory membership by delegating responsibilities to                                            committees appointed from within the membership for the planning of The Seminar,                                    Monthly Meetings, Day Trip, etc. (Committees are permitted in the Bylaws and would relieve                        much pressure from the Board. This is one reason why many people see serving on the                               Board as being too much work. Delegate! It benefits the entire organization.)

Consider contacting one of your Nominating Committee members and bring your talents to TGAGNOI rather than sitting in an audience.  They are listed below and you'll find their contact information in the Directory.  And if you hear from The Nominating  Committee, please consider taking a turn on the Board or perhaps suggest and recommend someone. 

You may be surprised at how easy, fun and fulfilling it is to serve.


Elizabeth Parent               Giselle Schexniydre             Patty Smith

Pat Traina           Randy Bibb


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Need to renew your license at City Hall?

You can't, anymore.  Now you have to go to 

3901 Desire Pkwy in the 9th Ward.

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Here are the Ordinances from the Taxicab Bureau.

It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with them.

If you have any questions regarding City regulations or 


guidelines, the Taxicab Bureau phone number is



(504) 658-7170.


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